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Products & services

Manufacture of custom catalytic solutions

The vast experience accumulated by the working team in heterogeneous catalysts allows the preparation of catalysts to solve specific customer problems. The manufacture of catalysts will be small and medium-scale (up to 50 kg). Special attention will be paid to the manufacture of fuel cells, hydrogen production, biofuels and biomass products. Formulations of (electro) catalysts, methods of preparation and activation, deactivation and diagnosis of possible reactivation of catalysts are examples of ongoing activities to be undertaken in connection with the productive sector.

Ibercat not only sells catalysts, but also offers complete solutions that include catalyst selection, advice on the use of catalysts in the specific conditions required by the customer, and port-purchase service together with technical advice. This point is particularly important for small and medium companies because, in general, they do not have a technician who knows how to apply the prepared catalysts.

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