Fuel cells line

Fuel cells line
Fuel cells line


IBERCAT SL can produce a wide range of electrocatalysts for different applications including fuel cells of different types and electrolyzers.
The FCIbercat catalysts includes a wide range of catalysts of different metallic content between 5-70 wt% and compositions including single Pt and Pt alloyed catalysts supported on functionalized carbon. The most distinctive catalysts of the FCIbercat series are the PtMo/C and PtCo/C aimed for applications in hydrogen and alcohol fuel cells.


Ibercat SL laboratories have the facilities to produce catalysts under demand for the specific requirements and applications of our customers within the area of fuel cells. We offer our widely experience for the optimal choice of the catalyst and its production.

Our facilities include the technology to produce 3 layer MEAs using our FCIbercat catalysts

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