Catalysts production on demand

Catalysts production on demand

IBERCAT offers customers’ catalyst development, scale-up, and manufacturing services. Projects are treated with strict and formal confidentiality for the benefit of all involved. Catalyst characterization and activity techniques, together with the identification of critical preparative and manufacturing steps, help ensure consistent results for performance in specific customer applications.

We have a laboratory specialized in synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts in small and medium scale. Although the main lines of action of the company are electrocatalysts, catalysts for hydrogen production, catalysts for conversion of biomass (biodiesel and synthesis of high value added products from vegetal wastes), we are able to synthesize catalysts in different areas.

We are often asked to toll manufacture product for customers who already know what they need. We provide these material processing services including complete private label manufacturing, if required.

The vast experience accumulated by the working team in heterogeneous catalysts allows the preparation of catalysts to solve specific customer problems. The manufacture of catalysts will be small and medium-scale (< 50 kg). The formulation of catalysts will be developed after an initial R&D contract where the ideal solution for every client will be identified.

Our technical staff includes industry recognized experts and leaders in these areas among a variety of disciplines, and are available to collaborate with your organization towards achieving your catalyst development objectives.Because, IBERCAT not only sells catalysts, but also offers complete solutions that include catalyst selection, advice on the use of catalysts in the specific conditions required by the customer, and port-purchase service together with technical advice. This point is particularly important for small and medium companies (SME) because, in general, they do not have a technician who knows how to apply the prepared catalysts.


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